Super Carbon 60, elemental for a better life

Super Fullerene Labs® provides nano supplements in a clean, easy to ingest, coconut oil powder-based capsule.  Packing up to several million carbon atoms into a single molecule. Super Carbon 60 provides extreme athletes, seniors, and those impacted by oxidative stress with the most powerful antioxidant available today.  

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Super Fullerene Products are available in Powdered Coconut oil.

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Super Fullerene is manufactured using a proprietary solvent free process.

Nemerex Immunity

Nemerex Immunity combines Beta Glucan, a bioactive compound with Super Fullerenes, a type of carbon to activate and regulate the innate and adaptive immune response. Beta Glucan and Super Fullerenes operate at the cellular level with a nano-solution to modulate and normalize the immune system and reduce symptoms of inflammation.

Nemerex Immunity is available in an easy-to-take capsule in two dosages, 10mg, and 15 mg. Take Nemerex Immunity with or without foods.

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Super Fullerene for Dogs

Canine osteoarthritis impacts all breeds of dogs. NSAID therapy offers relief but poses a risk for aging dogs or dogs with hepatic, renal, or gastrointestinal challenges. Super Carbon 60 for Dogs mitigates the risks by managing inflammation symptoms without any known side effects.

Super Fullerene for Dogs may be used as a primary treatment option or in combination with NSAIDs. The combination delivers immediate comfort and enables sufficient uptake time for Super Carbon 60 to achieve long-term inflammation control. The NSAIDs may then be stepped down over time, as Super Carbon 60 for Dogs continues to manage inflammation symptoms.

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January 2022 Newsletter

Super Carbon 60 provides the same inflammation control and more than C 60. Rather than delivering a single molecule with 60 electrons ready to donate to free radicals, Super Carbon 60 provides nested molecules known as nano-onions. Hundreds of molecules may occur in a single nano onion, with up to fourteen nano-onions chained together in a single dose.

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Thirty Day Challenge

We champion a “fuller life through fullerenes” at Super Fullerene Labs. To achieve your personal best, we invite you to get enough rest, eat a

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Carbon 60 versus Super Carbon 60

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