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No. Super Carbon 60 is manufactured using a proprietary solvent free process.

Super Fullerene is a mega-buckminsterfullerene or carbon nano onion. It consists of many layers of carbon atoms contained in a single molecule. This molecule is then chained to other nano-onions with twenty or more onions tied to a single strand. The result is millions of carbon atoms versus sixty.

Once a C60 molecule donates electrons, it becomes inert and passes through the body. Super Carbon 60  provides for millions of electrons to meet the most demanding oxidative stress.

Graphitic Nano Onions LLC, Indiana

Super Carbon 60 must be biologically available to be effective. Super Carbon 60 can be suspended in lipids which binds with the cell wall and mitochondria.

Super Carbon 60 is a novel supplement based on Buckminsterfullerene discovered in 1985. Following the discovery, researchers and developers identified many industrial uses such as nanotechnology, material science, and nano-medicine.


However, no studies investigate the use of Buckminsterfullerenes as a supplement. Human use of C60 derives from animal studies such as those involving both rats and mice. The supplement appears to be non-toxic to mammals and based on the studies, there is an assumption that C60 may benefit humans as an antioxidant.


Some research indicates the potential benefits of C60 as an antiviral (HIV), photosensitizer, antioxidant, delivery mechanism for drugs or genes, and diagnostic application.


Some human uses include cosmetics for the reduction of the aging of the skin and as a supplement. Some providers of C60 claim that C60 is 175% more effective than Vitamin C. This clam cannot be verified with scientific data.


Those that chose to use Grafex Supplement report a reduction in inflammation such as reduced symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. However, these reports are anecdotal and cannot be verified by independent research.


Additionally, many users of the Grafex Supplement report that it requires several weeks to notice a reduction in inflammation symptoms. 

Increment your dose until you experience a reduction in symptoms. You may then level off or reduce your amount.

You can take fullerenes at any time. One effective way to take Super Carbon 60 or Nemerex is to split the dose by taking 5 mg in the morning and another 5 mg at night.

Fullerenes found in Super Carbon 60 or Nemerex are a common element similar to charcoal. You may take Super Carbon 60 or Nemerex with or without food.

The active ingredients of fullerenes and organic MCT coconut powder are not toxic at high doses. However, consult with your doctor about what you are taking and how much.

January 2022 Newsletter

Super Carbon 60 provides the same inflammation control and more than C 60. Rather than delivering a single molecule with 60 electrons ready to donate to free radicals, Super Carbon 60 provides nested molecules known as nano-onions. Hundreds of molecules may occur in a single nano onion, with up to fourteen nano-onions chained together in a single dose.

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Thirty Day Challenge

We champion a “fuller life through fullerenes” at Super Fullerene Labs. To achieve your personal best, we invite you to get enough rest, eat a

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Carbon 60 versus Super Carbon 60

Join our Social Media (832) 413-3214‬ [email protected] 20701 State Highway 6 S Navasota, TX 77868 Company Contact Us Take The

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Cognitive Function

January Newsletter

Focus on the Queen’s Gambit  The Queen’s Gambit, a story that follows a young prodigy’s quest for success in the world of chess, became the

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November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Super Fullerene Labs! We are very grateful to continue the journey with you

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Nemerex Immunity Datasheet

NEMEREX IMMUNITY combines Beta Glucan, a bioactive compound with Super Fullerenes, a type of carbon to activate and regulate the innate and adaptive immune response. Beta Glucan and Super Fullerenes operate at the cellular level with a nano-solution to modulate and normalize the immune system and reduce symptoms of inflammation.

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Super Fullerene for Dogs

Super Fullerenes for Dogs Datasheet

Super Fullerene – Carbon-based Antioxidant Super Fullerene, as a carbon-based antioxidant1, is now formulated for dogs. The unique Super Fullerene formulation is solvent-free, specially formulated for veterinary use with recommended use based on weight. Super Fullerene may be used as a separate therapy option or in combination with other therapies, such as with NSAIDs.

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Studies showing Carbon 60 Kills Bacteria and Viruses

The results obtained in these experiments demonstrate for the first time that these glycoconjugates
are adequate to inhibit efficiently an infection process and, therefore, they can be
considered as very promising and interesting tools to interfere in biological events
where lectins such as DC-SIGN are involved.

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